API Chaya Endorsement for My Legislation Banning Caste-Baste Discrimination


API Chaya is a survivor-led organization focused on serving survivors of sexual violence, human trafficking, and domestic violence in Pacific Islander, Native Hawaiian, Asian, and South Asian communities. We center those at the margins through the provision of culturally relevant support services. We see the impact of caste discrimination directly through our work in the community. Abusive partners leverage their upper caste status in the course of several tactics to maintain power and control in relationships. These harmful acts include: coercion, threats of deportation, minimizing/denying blame, emotional and physical abuse, as well as denying/controlling access to shared children. API Chaya stands strongly in support of the proposed ordinance, recognizing and actively working against this pervasive issue in our survivor communities.

Be well,


Tarul Kode, PharmD

Harvard Global Health Care Leadership

Vice President, Senior Consultant, Segal

Board of Directors, API Chaya

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