Congratulations to UFCW and Grocery Workers on Hazard Pay Ruling Victory! Solidarity with All Essential and Front line Workers!

Solidarity and congratulations to UFCW and grocery store workers who won a victory this week as a Federal Judge struck down the completely spurious lawsuit brought by massive grocery store chains against workers receiving hazard pay in the middle of a historic pandemic.

Solidarity with all essential and front line workers, all of whom deserve at least the same $4/hour hazard pay! Our socialist Council office stands strongly with all the workers and their unions who want to fight to win hazard pay and other workplace rights.

The corporate mouthpieces for big business organizations like the Northwest Grocery Association and the Washington Food Industry Association say things like, “this [hazard pay] law picks winners and losers”, “[this law is] devoid of any provisions that address employee health or safety”, and “we are continuing to operate on razor thin margins.” Literally all of which are straight-up lies. 

The Washington Post reported:

“Record-breaking profits at several top retailers have not been shared in large part with their workers, according to a November analysis of 13 major companies by the Brookings Institution, a reflection of how the pandemic has worsened the country’s already pronounced issues with inequality.

The report found that profits rose at these companies some $16.7 billion, or 40 percent, this year, while the average pay for their front-line workers was up only $1.11 an hour, or 10 percent, since the pandemic began.”

Despite record profits, grocery giant Kroger decided to close two stores in Seattle rather than pay their workers the $4/hour hazard pay. 

In dismissing the case, the judge’s ruling noted that the corporate grocers are making “record breaking profits” and the “grocery store employees are at significantly heightened risk of contracting COVID-19”.

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