Divest UW Scores Major Victory, Convinces Board of Regents at UW to Divest from Coal


Congratulations to the students in Divest UW, who joined the call to build divestment campaigns in 2012 and have worked relentlessly for 3 years to get the UW Board of Regents to divest from fossil fuels. Check out this article by The Guardian about this important win.

On May 14th, after years of rallying and building support for fossil fuel divestment with the students and with the community, Divest UW won a major victory. The Board of Regents voted to divest from the dirtiest fossil fuel, coal.

This victory would not have been possible without pressure from the students, and though it’s just one step on the path to a sustainable world, each step we take inspires confidence in others to join us.

As hundreds take part this weekend in direct actions and rallies against the Shell Oil arctic drilling rig being housed in the Port of Seattle, we see the movement to fight the fossil fuel industry and end climate change is growing stronger.

We need to keep the pressure up! The City of Seattle should follow suit and divest from fossil fuel companies. Let’s link the fossil fuel divestment movement with a call for massive public investment in alternative energy infrastructure, and let’s struggle for a sustainable economy based on satisfying human need, not corporate greed.

Congratulations and solidarity!

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