Sign the Petition for Immediate Action on Homelessness – $10M for Emergency Shelter Now! Stop the Sweeps!

After years of neglect, massive cuts to social services, and unrelenting rent hikes throughout the City, Seattle’s homelessness crisis continues to spiral out of control. Volunteers for 2016’s One Night Count found 4,505 unsheltered people in King County, with 2,942 out on the streets of Seattle. That’s a 40% increase in homelessness over the past two years alone.

This is an emergency, and we need to take action now!

We cannot solve homelessness by sweeping it out of sight. Forcing people to abandon their tents with nowhere to go, particularly during winter when it is cold and wet, is inhumane and cruel.

Looking for ways to help build the struggle? Come join activists, organizers, and community members at the People’s Assembly 2016 to discuss how we can fight to end homelessness and win emergency funding at City Hall, in Council Chambers, on February 27th, 12:30 PM.

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