October 30th 6pm: People’s Budget Town Hall with Kshama Sawant

Councilmember Kshama Sawant will host a Town Hall on the People’s Budget

Thursday, October 30th 6:00PM
Council Chambers
Seattle City Hall 2nd Floor, 600 4th Ave

Seattle is becoming increasingly unaffordable for the majority of people. While we face the fastest increases in rents, massive cuts to transit and social services, and rising homelessness, the City’s elected officials are getting ready to roll out a business as usual budget.

Seven out of ten City elected officials recently spent nearly $10,000 of public funds to go on an annual retreat, right in the middle of budget season, to hobnob with corporate lobbyists of the Chamber of Commerce and executives from Boeing and Alaska Airlines. This is just another example of how the City government gets its marching orders from big business. It is no wonder that year after year, the budget is completely out of touch with the needs of ordinary working people.

In contrast, a people’s budget would prioritize the needs of the majority. It would tax big business and the super-wealthy. It would build tens of thousands of affordable homes, invest in world-class mass transit to reduce carbon emissions, and invest in living wage jobs for all. It would provide adequate funding for homeless services, mental health services, and assistance for our most vulnerable community members.

Join Councilmember Kshama Sawant at the People’s Budget Town Hall! Help us build a movement to lay the foundation for a budget that fully funds all basic human needs. Let’s make this city a livable place for all, not a playground for the rich!

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