We Need Paid Family & Parental Leave Now! Health Care Professional Leticia Parks Speaks Out

On July 30, 2016, we kicked off a bold new movement for paid family and parental leave for all in Seattle. More than 200 people representing a powerful coalition of state and city unions, women’s organizations, LGBTQ activists, social justice organizations, faith groups, and working people came together for the event.

I encourage you to watch and read more about the town hall here. I would also like to highlight the moving words of Leticia Parks, recent mother, Health Care Professional, and a member of Socialist Alternative, who spoke on what the fight for paid family and parental leave means to working families like her own. Watch her inspirational and poignant speech below.

If you would like to join our coalition or learn more about the struggle, please email me or call us at 206-684-8016.

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