Rent Control Petition – Click Here For the Link to Sign!

We Need Rent Control! – Click Here For the Link to Sign Our Petition!

What is Rent Control and What would It Do?

Rent control allows communities and democratically accountable representatives get a say in how much our rents can go up. Right now, landlords can raise rents by as much as they want. It is not uncommon to see rent increases of 50, 100 or even 145 percent in Seattle, along with the ‘shock and awe’ devastation they bring to our families and communities. At a minimum, we need a rent control measure that makes this kind sociopathic price gouging illegal.

For a Comprehensive Package of Bold Affordable Housing Solutions

Rent control alone will not solve Seattle’s affordable housing crisis. It must be part of a comprehensive package of proposals that includes a massive expansion of legal protections for tenants, a strong linkage fee to make big developers pay $1 billion over ten years for affordable housing, and a bond sale to build thousands of city-owned units that are affordable to working and middle class people.

Click Here For the Link to Sign! Then check out our Rent Control FAQ for more.

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