Shhh! Don’t tell the billionaires and corporate developers: Our rent control movement has early momentum!

Take action below – join us at Northwest Folklife Festival in collecting petition signatures for rent control!

Our rent control movement is about taking back our city from the billionaires and corporate developers, and fighting for a city that is affordable for all. Thank you to the dozens of activists who attended our meeting at Yesler Community Center on May 18 and signed up to collect signatures on our rent control petition in the coming days and weeks.

We’re off to a great start, with more than 1,300 people signing our rent control petition in just the first couple of weeks.

Our next step: Collect 10,000 rent control petition signatures before our big Rent Control Rally July 20.

Please join us at our Rent Control Table at 5th Avenue North and Thomas, between the Space Needle and MoPop.

If you can collect signatures in your neighborhood, union, faith community, or other group, click here for a downloadable version of our rent control petition.

As we discussed at the meeting, this will be a difficult fight. We will need to build a powerful movement to win rent control. The affordable housing crisis that so many of us are experiencing daily, and Seattle’s shamefully regressive tax system, compel us to act. To win, we’ll need a united movement of renters, homeowners, union members, seniors, students, people of color, immigrants, the LGBTQ community members.

We will no doubt face massive opposition from billionaires, big developers, and corporate landlords and the establishment politicians who serve them. The developers and landlords are making untold profits by exploiting renters. And as we saw with the Amazon Tax fight, they will do everything possible to resist paying their share of taxes so that we can build more affordable housing.

But after Saturday’s meeting, we have momentum in the fight for rent control. Please join us win a city that is affordable for all.

In solidarity,

Kshama Sawant

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