Weekly Update April 21

Every week I’ll be posting about the activities on Monday, particularly the Council Briefings and the Full Council meetings.  The Council Briefings are at 9:30am every Monday morning and is an opportunity for Councilmembers to update the public both on the past week’s activity and to preview the coming week. Full Council meetings are where ordinances and resolutions are voted on. For those interested, the Seattle Channel records and archives all of them here.

Energy Committee

This week the Energy Committee meets on Wednesday at 9:30am. On the agenda is a public hearing about City Light accepting salmon preservation lands. We will also have a briefing on City Light’s view of the Utility Discount Program, a program which gives up to 60% off of utility bill for qualified households. The mayor has set the goal of doubling the utilization rate of this program by 2018, we welcome this push and want to look into how all people who qualify can actually receive this needed assistance.

Minimum Wage

The Mayor’s Income Inequality Advisory Committee meets for the last time this week. We anticipate a proposal from the Mayor, no matter if the committee can come to an agreement or not, before the end of the week.

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